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30 March 2017



The latest Indupress® Tunnelfinisher

fotos home 292x168 tunnelfinisher

The INDUPRESS® high performance finishing device is constructed in modular version and can be assembled and operated in optimum way for different performance requirements and therefore offers an universal field of application for all garments like blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, trousers, anoraks,  clothing for children, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, pad clothing, thermo jackets and so on. In the steam modules the garments absorb enough steam to achieve good results even at high speeds . Also at garments made out of natural fibre.

The process technology
The fabrics (fibres) get softened with a measured and well directed amount of steam. In the next step the fabrics will be treated from top to bottom with air, fluid flow speed and temperature. All parameter can be adjusted individually and steplessly. A good finishing result can be achieved by a well balanced programming and exact dosage of the influential finishing parameter for different materials.

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TOP show room and demo machines with high technology in best quality for low price!

This special offer is valid till 20th December 2016 - while stocks last! We clear our stock (pressing machines, pressing devices, central pressing tables, finishing devices etc.) because of change to technoloy Industry 4.0!

You will find in our offer pressing machines and pressing devices for the jacket intermediate and finish pressing as well as for the trouser pressing department.

We are sure you will find a suitable pressing machine for yourself! Contact us, we have some additional top offers for you!

This file is constantly updated... Another look is worth it!

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