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20 February 2018

Indupress trademarks

Our trademarks

  • experience since more than 35 years in the consulting and project planing in the field of pressing technology and energy supply installation
  • reliable construction and stable value of product
  • made and designed in Germany
  • worldwide network of sales- and service partners
  • consistent enhancement of existing devices and development of trend-setting innovations (new patents) in close cooperation with market-leading partners of the garment industry
  • individually selected or developed, accurately fitting shapes (CNC cutting)
  • wide range of current shapes for all operation and all fashion styles
  • ergonomical design for improving the efficiency and steadiness of the operator, such as height adjustment
  • ready-for-connection and ready-for-use delivery of the equipment
  • highest safety standards
  • selected, standardized high quality parts of considerable brands, ensure highest reliability
  • premium energy saving insulation
  • individually selected covering materials of best quality
  • powder coated maschine parts and frames
  • energy saving heating system of pressing bucks
  • full technical documentation and complete set of manual