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Pre-pressing of fronts

Men's jackets / Intermediate pressing department

Pressing machine for pre-pressing of fronts left and right
HIGH-PERFORMANCE CAROUSEL-FRAME CONSTRUCTION - 180° rotation with 4 lower and 2 upper pressing shapes

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Standard equipment

  • microprocessor control [details]
  • vertical movement and exact positioning of the upper shape
  • pressure regulation programmable steplessly (digital)
  • positioning vacuum in the lower shape
  • vacuum in the lower shape - programmable in steps
  • exterior steam suction
  • vacuum in the upper shape
  • blowing in the lower shape by program and separate foot pedal
  • steaming in the lower shape
  • blowing in the upper shape
  • steaming in the upper shape - programmable in steps
  • proportional-technique for admixing compressed air in the upper shape
  • coverings of first class
  • safety devices
  • complete technical documentation

Additional equipment

  • iron incl. safety placing area and accessories, completely pre-assembled
  • KD-plate for upper shapes [details]
  • light point projectors (laser) for exact positioning of the parts
  • workplace illumination
  • remote maintenance (modem)

Pressing shapes

  • big choice of different models
  • custom-fit, digitized and milled
  • steam-heated
  • evenly vacuum and steam distribution



The latest Indupress® Tunnelfinisher

fotos home 292x168 tunnelfinisher

The INDUPRESS® high performance finishing device is constructed in modular version and can be assembled and operated in optimum way for different performance requirements and therefore offers an universal field of application for all garments like blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, trousers, anoraks,  clothing for children, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, pad clothing, thermo jackets and so on. In the steam modules the garments absorb enough steam to achieve good results even at high speeds . Also at garments made out of natural fibre.

The process technology
The fabrics (fibres) get softened with a measured and well directed amount of steam. In the next step the fabrics will be treated from top to bottom with air, fluid flow speed and temperature. All parameter can be adjusted individually and steplessly. A good finishing result can be achieved by a well balanced programming and exact dosage of the influential finishing parameter for different materials.

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INDUPRESS sleeve setting machine


fotos home 292x168 ipn hd 23 15b

Special pressing machine for setting and finishing of sleeves on men's jackets with patented, pneumatic variable body for small and big sizes, adjustable to three size ranges (e.g. 46-50, 52-56, 58-64 and bigger)
Three changeable sets of setting stamps for this three size ranges and in addition one set of setting stamps for extremely small sizes and armholes

** SPECIAL FRAME - right and left shape mounted on one frame **

With this machine the body (for setting) can be adjusted to the size of the setting stamp.

Also the shoulder obliquity of the jacket body is variable, easy mechanical, adjustable in order to hang up the jacket perfect fitting to the model and in order to justify the balance.

The finishing pressing device for upper arm which is mounted on top of the machine frame can be passed around the sleeve and so finishes the sleeve completely. The direction can be programmed
user-defined, to right/left and high/low.

A very flexible, to all directions adjustable side part holder supports the exact positioning of the jacket.

Because of the back part holder with pneumatic positioning you will get a flat back at the armhole.

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