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27 May 2019

compressed-air units

compressed-air units

In order to assure a proper operation of your unit you need a reliable compressor unit, which provides you with an oil- and water-free compressed-air at continuous pressure.

We deliver and install an optimized, efficient compressor unit individually suitable for your requirements with the corresponding accessories.

Are there any quesitons regarding compressed-air technology? Just contact us!

Screw compressors

- with belt drive up to 22 kW with separate compressed-air refrigeration drier.

This type of screw compressor is renowned throughout the industry for their reliability and resilience. The automatic tensioning device assures a constant high level of the transmission efficiency of the belt drive of screw compressors during the whole service life. This reduces concurrently the maintenance costs.


- complete systems up to 22 kW with integrated compressed-air refrigeration drier!

Combinations of screw compressor and refrigeration drier save space.


- with 1:1-drive up to 500 kW with separate compressed-air refrigeration drier.

The 1:1-direct drive connects the compressor block directly with the drive motor without transmission loss. Screw compressors with 1:1-direct drive assure high-capacity at high energy efficiency.

  • no energy loss at power transmission
  • energy saving through big, slowly running compressor blocks
1 1-Antrieb

Accessories for compressed-air units

compressed-air refrigeration drier
- for steam separation
- avoids disruption of operations and productions as well as maintenance and repair works


compressed-air tank (90-10.000l)
- compensation of high consumption
- release of condensate from the compressed-air
Most important are the correct size and corrosion protection!


steam trap ECO DRAIN


condensate-treatment (oil/water separation) AQUAMAT>

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