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27 May 2019

energy supply concept

Energy units and supplies are worldwide one of the track records of  INDUPRESS® since more than 40 years.

There's no difference if you are planning a new project or if you would like to modify your existing energy unit - we have the suitable and best fitting solution for you and are pleased to help you with words and deeds from your idea till the implementation.

Your steam unit is no longer up to date or does not fit your latest machinery anymore? Your compressor or vacuum unit does not deliver the necessary capacity and quality? No problem, we are able to offer you the suitable energy unit for your requests!!

With our international experienced specialists INDURPESS® can offer you a perfected installation concept. Hereby we assure the professional supply of the machinery through optimum designed pipe dimensions and types of material to the point of the installation and setting into operation.

Continuous increasing energy costs require a corresponding economic and ecological energy efficiency in connection with latest energy recovery concepts. Hereby it is most important to check the right technology and all elements very critically from the energy production to the point of consumer already during the planning and control regularly at existing units all possible causer for energy losses.

We’ve spent a lot of time especially for this matter.

For the central steam supply different oil-, gas- or combined heated boiler concepts are suitable.

The choice of the boiler type affects relevantly the steam quality, particularly at quick changing steam demand.

The choice of an Economizer has direct affect to the energy efficiency. Heat which is included in the emissions will be used for pre-heating of the boiler feed water and therefore in large part recovered. Fuel consumption and emissions will be reduced. Of course this systems can also be upgraded in existing units.

The water quality is the most important thing for steam generation. The correct water treatment unit saves money before the real steam generation starts. Sediments caused through water occur unnecessary energy losses and even irreparable damages of the steam unit.

Water treatment comprised: water softening devices, reversal osmosis units, dosing units, filter and thermal degasser.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact us at any time!

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