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16 June 2019

icon special options

Explanations to the icons for special options / equipment

Our machines are equipped with special options according to the level of automation and the demand of the operation. These are explained with the below icons and you will find them at the machinery again.


differential pressure regulation

very fast, steplessly mold pressure adjustment in every step of the pressing procedure, from pressureless touching of the garment up to max. 0,6 bar by usage of a modified "differential pressure regulation"

Vertikale Oberplattenbewegung

vertical movement of the upper shape

the exact controllable, vertical movement of the upper shape positioned the upper shape accurate through touchless and nonwearing sensor technology under consideration of the weight of the shape and using the modified „Differential pressure regulation“


vacuum in steps

vacuum capacity in two power levels programmable - perfect to avoid marks at sensitive article


exterior steam suction

the exterior steam suction avoids accumulation of already finished areas and grants a maximum on pressing quality

Programmierbares Dampfvolumen

programmable steam volume

steam volume programmable in 3 intensity stages, to achieve a good smoothing effect with minimum marks especially at steam- and heat-sensitive materials  (ideal in combination with air admixing

Programmierbare Dampf-Luft Mischung

programmable steam-air mixture

stepless programmable steam, air mixture for gentle pressing of sensitive materials (without marks)


safety iron rest

the safety iron rest combines a higher safety level with more user friendliness for the operator with useful automatic finishing functions like for example blowing in the lower shape or vacuum in the lower shape

Zusätzliches Dämpfen in der Unterplatte

additional steaming in the lower shape

additional steaming in the lower shape for handling fleece garments (e. g. Cashmere)



laserpointer for easier and accurate positioning of the garment


tandem operation

Tandem operation - left and right side of same work step with two machines, controlled by one computer --> both machines work at the same time, independent of each other in overlapping method and if requested with different pressing programs --> it is possible to work with two operators to increase the capacity

Automatische Programm-Weiterschaltung

automatic program switch

the automatic program relaying (master -> slave) realises the logical correct choose of pressing programs in Tandem operation of a right and left machine set

12 s

worplace illumination

the optimum workplace illumination improves the ergonomic of the working place as well as a consistent good visual quality check of the pressing result


hanging device

hanging device is a handling-help for temporary storage of the garments before the next working step or saving the pressing result of the already pressed parts and improves the ergonomic of the working place

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