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21 Kasım 2019

Tünel Finisher


INDUPRESS® tunnelfinisher from a length of 5,00 m

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Indupress Tunnelfinisher

web 2011 tunnelfinisher2 ipn-tf-24

The INDUPRESS® high performance finishing device is constructed in modular version and can be assembled and operated in optimum way for different performance requirements and therefore offers an universal field of application for all garments like blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, trousers, anoraks,  clothing for children, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, pad clothing, thermo jackets and so on.

Highlights of our new Tunnelfinisher:

  • maintenance-free steam jets
  • mineral fully insulation
  • universal, customized planning into existing systems (flexible transport system)
  • hanging distance in 15 cm steps selectable
  • nano-coated surfaces in the steam chambers for easy cleaning
  • powerful cross-flow blower for constant treatment of the finishing part
  • less power and energy consumption
  • overhead clearance approx. 2m (e.g. for evening dresses)
  • intelligent energy saving system - automatic, immediate switch-off of the steam spraying  as wel as reducing of the blower capacity during Standby operation
  • Easy to service - good accessibility of all elements, which have to be maintain or cleaned regularly (large and precisely closing service doors with magnetic lock grant an easy access to the lint filters, heat exchangers, steam valves, condensate traps and pressure regulators)
  • Insulation - mechanic separation of the hot inside sheets of the cabinet through high-tech insulation material -> low heat transfer

Process technology

The fibres of the fabrics get soft with a measured and well directed amount of steam.

In the next step the fabrics will be treated from top to bottom with air, fluid flow speed and temperature. All parameter can be adjusted individually and steplessly.

A good finishing result can be achieved by a well balanced programming and exact dosage of the influential finishing parameter for different materials.


water spray module

Water spray module


On request, our tunnel finishers can be equipped with a separate water spray module mounted in front of the first steam module.

The water spray module is a high-pressure pumping station for ultrafine nebulizing of the moistening water, for pre-treatment of the garment with water spray technology.

The microfine nebulized water get into the fibers, allowing them to swell easily and make them malleable.

The water spray module is equipped with 2 "fog" jet rows:

  • Length of "fog" area: 1.400 mm

  • Quantity of "fog" nozzles: 12


Special features of the water spray system:

  • ceramic plunger pump

  • Kevlar sealing system for lang-lasting use in the industry

  • optimized for continuously pressure control from 1 - 100%umkehrosmoseanlage

  • network pressure control with emergency shutdown after several times of water shortage

  • moistening capacity 50kg/h

  • professional reverse osmosis system (there is no water softening system necessary) incl. pressure increase pump at inlet and outlet, manometer and flow controller


steam module

Steam module

Inside the steam modules the garments absorb enough steam to achieve good results even at high speeds . Also at garments made out of natural fibre.

Each steam module has a length of  1,40 m and consists of

  • 10 steam jet rows with total 176 maintenance free steam jets
  • + 5 wide-angle jets at the bottom of the tunnel finisher = 181 steam jets per steam module

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Special features of the steam system:

heizregister flusensieb

  • constant steam distribution through new generation of steam jets
    • no stripes on the garment
  • switched-on steam jet rows at the entry/exit of the steam chamber
    • better steam influence to the finishing part
    • influence also to else not good accessible areas of the finishing part (side part seams)
  • control of the steam pressure at the steam jets
    • absolutely constant steam pressure, also at fluctuating net
  • programmable humidity of steam
    • better finishing result especially for natural fibres
  • connection of the steam jets in the lower third of the steam module
  • floor heatingdampfmodul innenansicht
    • excessive humidity will be vaporized and taken on the garment again
  • control of the steam entry pressure
    • avoids malfunctions
  • non-stick-coating of the steam chambers with nanotechnology
    • easy and fast to clean
  • warm air-seal-bags
    • avoid steam losses at the tunnel entry
    • dosed suction of surplus steam through steplessly controlled exhaust unit
    • sucked off energy will partially returned to the finishing part and the system
  • heating and filling of the air-seal-bags with residual heat
  • hanger guidances at the entry/exit of the tunnel
    • hangers can not twist
    • turn back of already twist hangers (no blocking of the feed unit)


finshing module

Finishing module

At the new tunnelfinisher generation we use the Direct-Air flow-Method. Against conventional radial fans we use cross-flow fans which assure a constant good finishing result.

Each finishing module has a length of 1,4 m


Special features:

finishmodul schema

  • optimum fluidic design of the air flow
    • very high finishing quality, capacity and efficiency
    • comfortable sound level
  • frequency controlled drive of cross-flow fans, individually for each module
    • control of the air flow to each article by program
  • no displacing of the finishing part on the hanger through high air flow to the front of the garment - adjustable according to the hanging side
  • avoids higher air temperatures at the hanger which avoids it‘s deformation
  • powerful cross-flow fansquerstromgeblaese schema
    • the complete stream energy will be used effective and allow high stretching power on the complete height of the chamber
  • powerful heat exchanger made out of stainless steel
    • reaching higher temperatures (e. g. for leather)
  • height-adjustable curtain at the exit of the tunnelfinisher with bloat mechanism from the bottomedelstahl waermetauscher
    • avoids air outlet
  • ergonomically positioned dust filter
  • on request we can also mount one or several pretreatment modules before the steam area

conveyor system

Conveyor system

The reliability during the daily use mostly depends on the construction of the conveyor system.

At the INDUPRESS® Tunnelfinisher we have managed to combine the advantages of an optimal process technology of the finishing process with a remarkable flexible, safe and robust conveyor system.

  • separator / double separator
    vereinzeler uebergabe
    • safe separation and transfer also at high speeds (more than 4.000 parts / h)
  • distance in steps of only 15 cm between the garments
    • highest productivity because of minimum distances between the garments
    • optimum utilisation of energy (steam)
  • this system can nearly work with all kind of hangers without any problems
  • special direction of the hanger inside the tunnel
    • no dropping of the hanger possible
  • universal, customized integration in all systems possible
  • change of hanging side and rotating direction possible
  • electronic control of the tunnel conveyor
  • automatic control of the hooks
    • no dropping of garments by feed in and feed out, also at high speeds


Control INDUMAT Touch Color TFS

The graphic color-touchscreen user interface offers you extensive information, key layout and self-explanatory form.

Following data can be set exactly, in optimum way:

    indumat touch color

Special features:

  • column diagram on the display
  • nominal/actual comparison of the set data
  • messages of respective malfunctions or status information will be shown directly
  • error protocol
  • integration in a standard pc network is possible
  • storage of programs by mobile storage mediums
    • (USB stick or RS-232 interface on the laptop)
  • program can be changed at any time during the operation mode
  • selection of a new program can be done in the background menu
    • no interruption/break of the operation
  • selection of different languages (German, English and so on)
  • password protected user and service area
  • quantity counter (charge and day counter)

techn. data

Technical data

web 2015 tunnelfinisher technische-daten



Conveyor system running on the technique side (anti-clockwise

conveyorsystem technikseite

Conveyor system running on the operator side (clockwise)

conveyorsystem bedienseite

Layout Samples

Layout Samples

left-hand hanger logic


right-hand hanger logic

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